Saffron Bahraman is a valuable medicinal substance that helps the elderly sleep well

Sleep plays a very important role in the health of the elderly. Over the years, as their age increases, their sleep decreases significantly for many reasons.  Saffron Bahraman West Asia always wants to bring a good sleep to the elderly in all parts of the country..


       According to the latest research by the Ho Chi Minh City Psychiatric Hospital, the rate of people suffering from insomnia in Vietnam is on the rise and especially in the elderly. The causes of insomnia in the elderly are many, but the most common causes are neurological impairment, osteoarthritis pain and diseases related to blood pressure and heart disease.

     Saffron Bahraman  is a safe medicine that is highly effective for the sleep of the elderly because rare pharmaceutical substances have been found and studied in many major countries around the world. Saffron actually helps treat pathological symptoms such as:

       1. Insomnia caused by neurological impairment:

Neurological impairment in the elderly is significantly improved according to research at large hospitals in Japan and Iran thanks to the Crocin and Phytochemicals in Saffron which are antioxidants that strengthen the immune system. Along with that, Crocin is also a sedative, protecting brain cells giúp to help the elderly sleep better, sleep deeper with safety and has no side effects afterwaking up.

       2. Elderly’s osteoarthritis pain:

Over the time, the joints also become degenerated, joint cartilage increases calcium, dry joints cause painful symptoms in the bones, difficult to walk in the elderly. Safranal in Saffron  has the ability to act on the nervous system to help reduce the pain and anxiety that the elderly often experience at night.

Besides, the plant’s proteins in Saffron are also effective in reducing symptoms of Gout and bone and joint diseases..

        3. Diseases of high blood pressure and heart disease.

One of the primary causes of high blood pressure and heart disease is high blood cholesterol. Saffron is an ideal pharmaceutical substance in the treatment of high blood pressure because the active elements Crocetin and Saponin are antioxidants that help reduce cholesterol in the blood. At the same time, Crocin also helps to lower blood sugar in order to reverse the risk of diabetes complications in the elderly.

Thus, “Saffron Does Saffron help regulate the sleep of the elderly?” is always a question the customer wants to know the answer. Through this article, Saffron Bahraman West Asia as answered everyone’s questions. Along with that, we always want to bring the highest value from our products to the elderly who are customers’ families and relatives.

       Let’s join hands to protect the sleep of the elderly.

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